Free Download Previous Years IIT-JEE Papers

Here is a collection of previous years IIT JEE papers.  Preparation for IIT JEE is incomplete without solving the previous years IIT papers. It is utmost important for IIT aspirants to practice the question papers and attempt the questions of the chapters, they have already done to understand the intricacies of the subject. It is, therefore, bansaltutorials also offers topic wise questions from the previous JEE papers. 
It is important to understand that although question in IIT JEE do not repeat, however they are similar in nature and only the application of the principle changes. It has been observed that over the past 30 years the syllabus for IIT JEE has not changed, what changes from year to year is only the pattern and style of the papers. 
Bansal Tutorials provide free download of past years IIT-JEE papers to all aspirants. It is best to practice these papers in a timed environment. Speed and accuracy both are very important in IIT JEE. When you practice these papers, you are advised not to compromise one over the other. Also in order to maximize your score in JEE you need to be good in all three subjects i.e. Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry. Most of the students devote most of their time to a particular subject and topic and neglect others. However this is not the correct way to prepare and crack IIT-JEE.  To get sure shot success give equal importance to all three subjects, practice more and more questions on each subject. 
Wishing you a great success!!
The solutions to all these question papers are also available for free on request.